of the New Zealand Government

What there is and where to find them

This is a list of Appendices to the Journals of the House of Representatives of the New Zealand Government , they contain lists of names relating to whatever the heading is and can be found in bound volumes at the Christchurch National Archives. The volumes can no doubt be found in the larger Public Libraries throughout New Zealand as well. They are used as follows: To find the first one on the list you would find the Volume covering 1861, the section C page 4 and a list of Land Purchase Department Officers should be listed there. Some of these lists have already been transcribed onto fiche e.g. 1909 List of Public School Teachers. If you think any of your family may have been concerned with any of the following then check it out. This is a wonderful resource woefully underused! A phone call to your nearest library or National Archives should tell you if they have copies of the AJHR.

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